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3 New Year's Resolutions For Your Pool Floats

We're into week two of the new year! That came fast. It's now just a few short months until pool season kicks off and the perfect time to get your pool floats into its best shape ever.

Below are three resolutions for your swimming pool floats to ensure it's the best pool floats it can be come summer.

1) Stay on top of your pool's water chemistry.

Although your pool may get less use during the winter months, it's still important to keep on top of water balance. Proper water balance keeps your pool healthy and prevents issues such as bacteria and algae overgrowth, as well as protects your pool surfaces and equipment.

Test water pH, calcium, alkalinity, and sanitizer weekly. You can buy test kits/strips/or other equipment from a pool supply store or bring a water sample into the location for them to assess for you. According to Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies, if you are testing your pool water at home, be sure to take a water sample from about 12-18 inches below the water's surface. Also, water tests should be completed before you add any chemicals and morning is usually the best time to collect water samples because chlorine burns off during the day. Keep a log of the chemicals you add after testing as a reference.

2) Have your equipment inspected.

Pool pumps, filters, and heaters benefit from a thorough inspection to ensure they're all working efficiently and properly. Inefficient pool equipment can cost you more money down the road and if you need to replace something, it's better to do it when the pool isn't being used daily. You may also decide to have an energy audit of your pool. An audit is a great way to identify money/energy hogs and can lead you to replace your single-speed pump with a variable-speed model, which can reduce pool energy usage by up to 90 percent. Ask your pool service person or a pool store near you for information on equipment inspections and energy audits.

Finally, have a pool professional check your pool for leaks in liners or gunite. A winter leak inspection will give you plenty of time to have any issues fixed before pool season.

3) Prepare your pool for safe swimming.

Have a trained pool and spa professional check and correct any pool safety elements such as pool fences, gates, barriers, or covers. January is also a great time to draft and post pool safety guidelines and go over them with your family. CPR training is offered at many local community centers and now could be the perfect opportunity to gain or renew your certification.

Some simple inspections and improvements done in advance of pool season mean a healthy, safe, and enjoyable pool ready for summer. Now's the time!
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