Frequently Asked Questions – Jasonwell

Pool Floats

Q:Does the pool float come with a pump?

The pool float does not come with a pump.

Q:Can I blow up the pool float with a motorized pump?

Yes. All Jasonwell pool floats a standard-sized air inlet. Be certain not to over-inflate the float, as it could stretch the vinyl and cause a leak. This is not covered by the warranty.

Q:How much weight can the pool float hold?

The pool floats can hold approximately 200 lbs.

Q:Can I tow the pool floats in a boat?

These pool floats are are not designed to be towed behind a watercraft.

Q:How durable are the pool floats?

The pool floats are quite durable, and feature robust vinyl construction. With proper care, normal use, and proper storage, they will last through the swim season and beyond with ease.

Q:What do the pool floats come packaged in?

The pool floats come in a cardboard giftbox.


Q. What is the best type of outdoor cushion material?

A. The best type of fabric for outdoor cushions is acrylic. Because acrylic fabric doesn't contain any cotton, polyester or olefin fiber, it will not mildew, stain or break-down as easily. Currently, the leading brand of acrylic outdoor fabric is Sunbrella. Sunbrella not only uses acrylic fabric, but they solution-dye the material so that the color is solid throughout the fiber versus a pattern or color that is "printed" or "stamped" on the fabric after it has been woven. This is extremely beneficial because it ensures the fabric will be color-fast and will not fade over time and exposure to the elements.


Q:What If The Inflatable Gets Damaged?

Our inflatables are very durable and will hold up well under normal use. The customer however, is responsible for any damage to the Inflatable caused by but not limited to; overloading or allowing individuals in excess of weight limits on or in the inflatable, silly string, face paint, gum, food or drink, dirt, shoes, or punctures caused by sharp objects such as jewelry, buttons with pins, etc… Damage charges will be based upon the cost to repair. In addition if any inflatable, not designated for wet use, it found wet at pick up time (for other than weather related causes) the customer will be charged for set up, drying and re-rolling expenses at a rate of $100.00. These additional charges will be automatically charged to your credit card as part of the balance due.

Q:What Is Your Rain / Bad Weather Policy?

THE INFLATABLE MUST NOT BE USED WHEN WET or WHEN WINDS ARE 20 MPH OR MORE or exceed the manufactures guidelines. Once wet, inflatables becomes very slippery and dangerous. Once the rain stops you can dry the unit with towels. Once dry the inflatable should be again safe to use.

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