What Parents Should Pay Attention to When Kids are Playing Building Blocks

Children can exercise the coordination ability of hands and eyes while playing building blocks. A simple animal or a tower may need hundreds of blocks to build, so it is really a test for kid’s carefulness and patience. Meanwhile, In the joint construction activities, kids can also form good collective morality and improve their art knowledge and skills in three-dimensional modeling.

But even the most harmless thing can be deadly once it’s wrongly used. Next, let’s talk about some points we need to pay special attention while our kids are playing building blocks.

First, the minimum age.

Each baby's development is different, according to your own baby's situation. Generally, babies can play with building blocks when they can hold things by themselves. Each kid develops in a different order and kids of different ages play different building blocks. Parents must pay attention to it.


Second, develop interest.

Building blocks seems to have a kind of natural magic so that every kids will like it. But if we parents don’t pay attention to kids’ interest development, they could easily lose interest on the boring blocks. Generally, the principle is: from the easiest to the hardiest, from one or two pieces to hundreds of pieces, from a simple shape to a more complicated shape, such as a person, a house or something he is interested.

Third, choose a safe product.

This is the most important thing to consider while we choose building blocks as a gift for our kids. Unfortunately, it is also the most frequently ignored factor for many careless parents. Traditional building blocks are made by wood, some may be painted for dandy. Parents must check them carefully to insure their surface have no small thorns. And those who were painted are very harmful to human body, we mustn’t choose of course.

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