Seven exotic swimming pools in the world(3/3)

  • San Alfonso del Mar swimming pool, Chile. If you want to swim in San Alfonso del Mar, you need to buy energy drinks first. San Alfonso del Mar, which covers 20 acres, was named the largest swimming pool in the world by the Guinness World Records. It took five years and 1 billion to build the swimming pool, and even 2 million a year to maintain it.
swimming pool
  • Nemo 33. It is the world’s deepest swimming pool for its depth reached 33 meters. Swimming in the pool is more like diving in the abysmal sea. So it’s not prepared for those who have deep-sea phobia.
deep-sea swimming pool
  • After the introduction, are you prepared to enjoy yourself in the cool water? Whichever swimming pool you choose, don’t forget take Jasonwell’s pool floats!!!


inflatable pool floats unicorn

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