Seven exotic swimming pools in the world(1/3)

Immersing in the cool water of the swimming pool is the perfect relaxation in hot summer. Whether you like swimming in green swimming pools surrounded by tropical climate in Asian countries or want to spend time in luxury swimming pools on the top of skyscrapers in big cities, these exotic swimming pools will definitely excite you:

  • The swimming pool of Ubu Hotel, Hanging Garden, Bali, Indonesia. Located in the seven-star hotel of Hanging Gardens Ubud, the hotel is known as one of the most famous swimming pools in the world.

  • The golden energy pool.This is a five-star resort hotel on the Western peak of China. It is located in Lhasa, Tibet, China. The swimming pool is lined with thousands of gold-plated tiles.

After the introduction, are you prepared to enjoy yourself in the cool water? Whichever swimming pool you choose, don’t forget take Jasonwell’s unicorn pool float!!!

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