A Guide To Buying Pool Rafts and Floats

Pool owners can find endless types of pool floats, rafts, and accessories for an enjoyable summer. So how do you choose the best for your swimming experience? When shopping for the right pool raft, you need to consider more than your personal preference. You will want to take into account the size of your pool, material, purpose, and the age of the user. Whether you opt for a pink flamingo plastic float or a foam noodle, this guide will ensure you spend more time in your pool than in the store.


A raft that lies flat on the water, typically with a pillow section to support the user’s head. The flat design of a pool raft does not support the excessive movement or paddling around the water. Instead, users need to lie down on their back or stomach. If you are looking for a flotation device to sunbath or relax while lying flat, choose a pool raft.

Pool floats prop the user up in a sitting position. The sitting design of a pool float makes it more suited for floating leisurely while reading a book or watching children play in the pool. It may be more difficult to tan or rest on a pool float due to the nature of sitting rather than lying flat. Some pool floats have a long length, keeping the feet out of the water while others allow the legs to dangle in the pool. Some pool floats even feature a drink holder embedded in the sides.


Choosing the right pool float or raft material is important for the longevity of the product. Pool owners with active children or pets may want a more durable material than the average sunbather. Furthermore, you can store some pool accessories easier to store than others and some require assembly. Choose from the following for your lifestyle:

  • Foam pool accessories consist of a soft foam core covered in a vinyl outer layer. Rafts are typically made of foam including the pillow section. Foam pool rafts are available in various widths. Foam rafts offer durability even when pierced or punctured. Additionally, the foam makes the raft very thin allowing you to lounge close to the water. This creates the effect of barely skimming the surface of the pool. The thinness of this material allows these rafts to be easily stored in smaller places. However, these floats have difficulty collapsing and tend to weigh more. These accessories will still float even if punctured, allowing them to last for many years when properly maintained.
  • Inflatable floats require users to inflate the device on a regular basis. Smaller pool accessories are easier and faster to inflate than larger ones. Using an air compressor can take the physical work out of blowing up these types of floats. Choosing an inflatable raft or float gives you a larger selection than foam. Easy to store, inflatable pool floats are an ideal option for travel and pools in seasonal climates. Inflatable floats are also relatively inexpensive due to their single layer of material. Keep in mind that inflatable floats may experience a puncture, but patch kits can help contain a leak.

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